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InspirEnrich Article by Jakir

How “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is helping me excel in life

This post was sparked by a conversation with my Uncle-in-law following the new and exciting chapter of marriage in my life. One of the first things that he said to me was “Jakir, read Rich Dad Poor Dad ‘.

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InspirEnrich Article by Jakir

Wins, Losses and My Future Investment Goals!

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It’s been a year since I wrote the article ‘How “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is helping me excel in life’. So, it’s about time for the follow-up on my Wins, Losses and Future Investment Goals from the past year inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s book, which I adapted to my own lifestyle.


InspirEnrich Article by Jakir

5 Personal Development books which can improve your Life

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Personal development is something we all try to stay on top of whether directly or indirectly. Regardless of your area of expertise, your personal development is an area of life which is very important. This post will provide the 5 books which continue to help me both professionally and in my personal life. I will give you an overview of them and a snapshot of what I’ve taken away.